Thursday, October 28, 2010

Diaper Cake

I've always wanted to make a diaper cake and finally with Sandy's baby coming (any day now!), I had the perfect opportunity.  This diaper cake contains 72 newborn diapers, the alphabet foam letters, a rubber duck that goes on the faucet and dispenses bubble bath, bubble bath to dispense, stacker caterpiller bath toy, and 5 squeezable animals (all from target).  

My method: I used a clear tube from the squeeze toys for the center and put a few prizes insides.  Then I took the first 8-12 diapers, rolled each from the top down, and put a rubber band around it.  I put these "tubes" around the clear tube in the center to make the bottom layer bigger than the middle layer.  I tied them to it with one ribbon (like a belt).  Then I turned the next 30 diapers sideways and they overlap all the way around the bottom layer.  I tied that off and added scrapbook paper and ribbon.  Next layer I just used the 24 diapers sideways (no rolled up ones).  The top layer is just 4 diapers rolled up, and stuffed them into the plastic tube.  You can see those at the top...they stick out of the tube (but that's what holds them up).  Then a pencil sticks out of those to hold up the rubber duck.  Ribbon and scrapbook paper and toys to decorate and TADA!

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