Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Baby Ribbon Blanket

I whipped this out last week - it's a ribbon blanket! It is so soft and fuzzy and the perfect size for some baby's lap. The baby loved it! I had to pull it away from him before he drooled all over some baby girl's ribbon blanket. Unfortunately I don't know any upcoming baby girls right now so I'll have to hang onto this one to give away later.

Here's how to make one. Cut 3 strips of two coordinating fabrics (A and B). Each strip is 6"x18". Sew the front together in the order A-B-A and the back in the order B-A-B. Baste loops of ribbon onto the front, then sew front to back with right sides together. Turn inside out and topstitch all the way around, closing your hole. All done!

I made this with the nanny who has been helping out twice a week. She's such an angel....I feel so lucky to move somewhere new and find someone I can trust the baby with.

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