Sunday, June 20, 2010

Kitchen Kritters Hot Pads

I made these exactly out of the fabrics on the pattern cover.  I really love Riley Blake prints and it gave me an excuse to spend $9/yd as I sent them to my mom for Quilt Market related use (it is her pattern).

Monday, June 7, 2010

Two Topsy Turvey Quilts

I picked these fabrics up because I wanted to try a "quilt in a hurry" to match the brown and turquoise PackNPlay that I bought. Turns out they are never done quickly if you quilt them yourself.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Baby Quilts

I was surprised to receive these two pieced quilts because they came from out-of-town: one from my junior-year roommate Lisa and one from my sister-in-law Sandy.  I want to especially feature the different bindings on these quilts.

On the first, the binding was sewn onto the front and then turned to the back, where a decorative stitch was used to tack it down.  The width helps to fix the problem that your stitch will never line up just perfectly if it's in the ditch on one side with the edge on the other side.  The other feature of this binding was a "secret embroidery" of the baby's name into the binding.  Stay back!  This blanket belongs to this kid and only this kid.

The second binding technique is featured by this quilt from my sister-in-law Sandy.  You just make the back enough bigger that you turn it to the front and stitch it down.  Since it is not pieced on, it doesn't matter where the stitch lands on the back.  This is very clever and easy. 

Both quilts use a great technique to make quilts easier - you sew several strips together and then cut them into blocks.  Now it is as if you individually sewed on those blocks together.  Fancy....I'd never actually thought about trying this before.  I learn so much from my friends!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rock Climbing Chalk Bags

His and Hers Chalk Bags

I made it up so here you go:

Black stretchy fabric 6"x9" (9" is because I bought quarter yards of everything).
Outer fabric that is 9"x9" and some stiff interfacing ironed onto it.
Inner fleece that is 7"x9"
String Pull
1"x9-10" VERY stiff interfacing

So the shortest ends together for all three peices of fabric to make 3 tubes. So the bottom closed on the outer fabric and fleece, making them pockets. Pinch the two bottom corners flat and so a seam across the corner to turn the pockets into gift bags. Fold the black stretchy tube into itself so both inside and outside of tube are the "right side." Sew the black strechy into the fleece as you would a sleeve on a shirt. Sew an extra line about 1/4" above where the fleece and black stretchy meet. This provides casing for the drawstring. In fact, string the drawstring through right now, put an eyelet in your outer fabric. Now for the final stretch.

Place the fleece "gift bag" right-side-in inside the outer "gift bag" which is right-side-out. Align your eyelet with where your drawstring comes out of the black stretchy and pull it through. You should not see any of your seam allowances and you should have one cut edge (the top edge of the bag made of the outer fabric) and one folded edge (the top edge of the black stretchy). Now I take my 1" wide interfacing - didn't even sew it down - and fold it in as I fold down the top edge of the outer fabric. This part is kind of like rolling a sleeve. It took me about 2 folds before I reached the black stretchy. Then I topstiched this down, and the bag was complete!....5 minutes later...oops, it needs a loop or two so it hangs from the caribeaner. Use 2"x9" outer fabric and sew into a tube. Turn, iron flat, and attach to the chalk bag.

Note: The guy at the rock climbing store told me to make sure the fleece is thick enough that the chalk doesn't slip through. I'm happy to report that the walmart $4 fleece works just fine. So does the $8 fleece, which is much softer.