Friday, April 2, 2010

Skirts Made Last Year

I made up these different skirts and here's how I did it:

For the orange cordoroy (top left) and the brown damask (bottom right) I had a store bought A-line knee length skirt, and laid it on my fabric and cut out 2 of fabric and two of lining.  Then I sew them front-to-back, sew lining to fabric along the top, finish the bottom edges, and sew in a zipper.  It's all pretty easy except sewing in the zipper.

Therefore, the blue-brown and the pink-green skirts are both elastic.  Though it's hard to see, both are "tiered" skirts.  The top tier is about 7" long.  The second tier is the length left to get to my knees.  The blue skirt, I gathered the second tier.  The pink skirt, I pleated it.  Neither of these are lined.  I would say the blue skirt was the easiest of all.

I wish I could give dimensions so I can repeat this easier, but they were all a while ago and I've forgotten.

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