Friday, February 26, 2010

Doggy Carseat Cover

This car seat cover was my own invention as well (though it's kind of lame to say you invented a rectangle).  It is 45" (top-to-bottom) by 30" (side-to-side).  The dogs is cotton.  I sliced it in half, and sewed my tabs in at the middle seam as well as turned the print around so that "up" is the where the handle is from either direction.  Therefore, even though the print has a top and bottom, the cover is symmetrical.

Anyway, I did snaps on the tabs and put them 10" apart but here's how I would do it next time:

(1) Cut 4 peices 4 1/2" by 4 1/2".  Fold in half and sew, move seam to middle and sew along one short edge.  Turn inside out and iron flat.
(2) Sew velcro onto each of the four peices.
(3) Space along top center seam about 6" apart.
(4) Sew cover top together at top center seam.
(5) Sew cover top to cover bottom, leaving opening.
(6) Turn, iron, and decorative stitch around.

I came up with one other useful feature, and added it last minute.  I made four little ties so that instead of throwing the blanket over the handle, you can just tie half the blanket up to see the baby.

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